Two world WARS in Europe - Towards a better EUROPE

The title reflects on the main topics of the project:
- most of European countries experienced several "wars or conflicts" in the last 100 years,
- we want to go "towards" a more shared Europe and an accepted European citizenship

The addressed themes are the destructive impacts of regional, national/international wars, but also the actual tensions like racism, extremism, discrimination. The general concept is to give the word to senior citizens, in dialogue with younger generations.

The project will develop, locally and on the partnership level, an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue. Building up a learning process on 'Wars and conflicts in Europe', resulting from the transmission of lived stories. Those groups, locally and on partnership level, consist of younger generations and the elderly. 
The result of this common work and exchange will be a personal view on wars and conflicts, expressed by European citizens, and a common European statement for peace and on the value of permanent (intergenerational) dialogue in conflict handling, to be presented at the historic moment of 2014, 100 year 1st world war.