Project activites by Südwind NÖ Süd

Basing on materials presented by all of the participants of „2WARdS Europe” project,
we prepared workshops, which can be useful for initiating a discussion about different aspects of
war and peace. Relying only on private memoirs of people (mainly civilians) who experienced different conflicts of XX century, we had the great chance to stimulate debates about issues which are not so often discussed among the youth e.g. during history lessons. Some of these subjects are: relations between relatives and friends, exodus during and after the war, patriotism, state and nationality, memories, dealing with a difficult past...

The aim of this workshop is to make students aware of various issues regarding war and peace and encourage them to think about questions presented in each part of the workshop. We hope to initiate discussions to make students aware of these various aspects, which are seldom discussed otherwise. We tried to avoid judging the statements presented in the materials and allow the students to have their own approach and opinions.

In section To learn from/Documents/Austria you can download all of the parts of our workshop and the guide for a person conducting it. We are also presenting there one random “station” of our workshop called “At home among strangers” which relies on story of Timo Eronen from Finland (materials prepared by Voionmaa Institute).

Matthias Haberl & Krzysztof Suchowiecki
Südwind NÖ Süd