Trešnjevka Cultural Centre
Park Stara Trešnjevka 1
10 000 Zagreb

tel.: + 385 1 30 27 411
fax: + 385 1 30 24 193
e-mail: info@cekate.hr

Contact person
Ljiljana Perišić
e-mail: ljperisic@cekate.hr

website: www.cekate.hr

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Trešnjevka Cultural Centre

Trešnjevka Cultural Centre – CEKATE  is a public socio cultural institution founded by the City of Zagreb.

Situated in Zagreb’s’ most populated Boroughs (Trešnjevka South and Trešnjevka North) – with over 150 000 population, CEKATE is both  a neighborhood socio cultural centre and  a meeting point for various cultural and artistic events. Our main fields of activities are cultural education, art education, cultural interest development, amateur and professional art promotions. Founded in the year 1980, the Centre has become one of the best in Zagreb. We are the first cultural centre from Croatia to become a member of European Network of Cultural Centres.

Main activities of CEKATE
Besides our Local Community Centre programms, within the Centre there are;
– Theatre venue hosting independent theatre groups,
– Dance and movement performing platform,
– Amateur music performing platform,
MODULOR – the gallery for architecture and design,
MELISA CLUB – programme for elderly,
CHERRY CINEMA – organizing film festivals and video workshops,
SOCIOCULTURAL CENTRE – urban culture programmes with emphasis on multiculturalism.

In partnership with other institutions, we organize and conduct researches in cultural habits.
Our programmes bring together people from different age groups and walks of life. Very often our activities attract mixed age groups.

For 2WARdS Europe we had brought together senior citizens with young dynamic professionals in joint workshops. The participants of the workshops gained intergenerational experiences and intercultural competencies.

More about the workshops, methods  that we were using, the results we have achieved; all is presented in our Project activates ( link pleas to Croatian Project activates)