LDC and GC de Zeyp

Van Overbekelaan 183
1083 Ganshoren
+32 2 422 00 50
+32 2 422 00 13

Maria Nicolas, director LDC De Zeyp
Ivo Peeters, director GC De Zeyp

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LDC De Zeyp

The LDC De Zeyp is a social service centre in Ganshoren.
Ganshoren, situated in the North-West of Brussels is one of the smallest communes of the Brussels Region, counting 20.000 inhabitants on a surface area of 2.5 km².
The centre is located in a combined infrastructure with the local socio cultural centre, GC De Zeyp.

LDC De Zeyp reach on regular base nearly three hundred senior citizens. Five days a week we offer them a place to come for lunch. On regular base we organise information sessions, hobby afternoons, animation.
On the individual level we organize for them services which aims to improve their live at home. Aim is to increase the possibility to live in their own house or apartment for as long as possible (transport, chores service, household assistance,...).

In 2010 the LDC was partner in an intergenerational project on story telling, “jongleren”. The result was a book with a number of interviews of senior citizens by youngsters, talking about and visiting their favorite places in Brussels. T

This 2WARdS-Europe project is a next step in the intergenerational work of our centre.


GC De Zeyp

De ZEYP is a community centre with many activities in the socio cultural and arts fields. We receive around 35000 visitors a year. About 80 % of our visitors are between 30 and 80 years old. For children we organise mainly theatre (visited by primary schools) and arts workshops.

Our program is very broad: theatre, literature, music, exhibitions. All of it with amateur and professional arts.
In GC De Zeyp, 12 people are employed.

Seven years ago De Zeyp started with an arts project with disabled people: workshops and performances. For this De Zeyp cooperates with five institutes (day centres and residential centres) for disabled peoples all over Brussels. Workshops in the institutes for all inhabitants followed by an intensive period of rehearsals towards a performance.

De Zeyp is partner in a yearly summer parc festival PLAZEY together with a colleague centre De Platoo.

On the international work GC De Zeyp was involved in 3 Livelonglearning Partnerships and 2 grundtvig assistants worket during one year in our cultural centre.

GC De Zeyp is strongly involved in the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)