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Südwind is working in the educational and research field of development politics. Südwind develops since more than 20 years innovative, practical and complex educational materials like workshops for pupils and adults, exhibitions for pupils and students, curricula (e.g. currently to Global Education in teachers' education) and toolkits (e.g. about Global Education, Intercultural Communication).
One priority of Suedwind is the active involvement of the participants. Modern methods and methodologies allow proper approaches to complex topics and. The practical, action oriented part allows holsitic experiences and sustainable learning. Both parts are accompanied by phases of reflection.

Current projects of Südwind (assortment):
Migration to Lower Austria in the past 50 years and Integration nowadays, Global Action Schools 2 Communities, educational projects for Climate Alliance, Toolkit about Global Education, Interregional Project “BeFoRe” with a region in Slovakia, Train the Trainer projects with Mitost e.V. from Germany, Fair Trade Region Bucklige Welt- Wechselland, etc.

Target Groups:

  • Pupils: We work with pupils of all ages and all school types. We offer thematic workshops, which are ready made (e.g. about Human Rights, Hunger, Climate Change, Fair Trade, …), but also tailor-made projects and workshops.

  • Teachers: We offer every school term several workshops for teachers in Cooperation with Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ. The aim is, that the teachers have a proper approach for global issues in their work.

  • Politicians: We work with decision makers in the Lower Austrian political landscape to raise their awareness for global issues. E.g. through our consulting Lower Austria was the first region in Austria, in which the regional parliament ratified a resolution against abusive child labour worldwide.

  • Wider Public: It is our task, to raise awareness of the population in our region for global issues.


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