Livelong Learning Partnership

A second track of the project is to learn (on organization level) about methods for innovative and creative learning processes on intergenerational work, using story telling, images, local research, artistic approaches, to stimulate and share expression on a participatory way.

On partners level dialogues were organised; exhibitions and workshops with senior citizens and youngsters. Choir's learned old songs from wartime and grandchildren interviewed their grantparents...

On partnership level the meetings were really intergenerational and intercultural. 
In Finland participants broke the silence on their civil war a hundred years ago. 
In Latvia a historian gave us a complete new view to all partners on the second world war, deviding a country and it's own citizens.
From our Croatian partners we learned about their "homelandwar". A name that can be used by everyone in the region without expressing a position about guilt and responsibilities.
In Poland, and also from our Hungarian partner, we learned about the relocation of large groups of the populations, Germans, Jewish... and the afterwar traumas.
The Austrian friends developed with material from all partners a course for students and adult learners.
A real intercultural and intergenerational learning process.

2WARdS-Europe is financed by the European Commission, as a Live Long Learning Partnership in the Grundtvig line.